The new Digisono 7

What is Digisono 7?

With Digisono, you can create structured and clear reports that make your work significantly easier. Work with the electronic medical history or improve the quality of your paper history.

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Ultrasound reports

Our report style is clean and simple for professionals. Multiple exams and interval growth is graphically monitored. All data stored for reference with easy-to-interpret graphs.


Ultrasound images

Your images look as good as on the ultrasound machine. View multiple images on the screen at one time. Compare images from separate exams.



Pregnancy or gynecological controls, the complete practice can be documented with the new version of Digisono. With a mouse click, you can create e.g. a complete notification of birth or a doctor's letter.


Ultrasound images for patient

Send baby ultrasound images selected at the request of the patient with one click. The pictures are immediately on the cell phone for the patient. She can forward the images to the family by email, whatsapp, messenger,...


Encrypted report exchange

Send encrypted reports by e-mail to physicians. They can't be viewed nor altered by third parties. With Digisono, you protect patient data and professional secrecy.

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Economical printing

95% cheaper and more durable than thermal print. Reports can be printed for patient, paper PR or to referring physician. It is also possible to create PDF and PDF/A with signature and certificate.

Ultrasound images

Digisono 7 Laptop